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YouTubes to iTunes?

YouTubes to iTunes?

To benefit from coasting on the fame that Boris attracts and also as practice for the day I decide to do something completely different in my life I am going to post a short list of the requirements to successfully implementing the crrrrazy ideas that Boris mentions. This could potentially become a full time job due to his "propensity to generate thots (<- intentional)" but if nothing else it will give me something to fill the silence that occurs from time to time.
Also, my browser ate the comment I wrote (no, it really did) on his site and it pished me off enough to come up with this half baked idea. A combination of inspiration and too much reflected off the snow sunshine.
Think of this as Vapid Envelopment.

perceptions vs reality

I just wanted to follow up on my early post about my joy with my iMac Duo with some things I have encountered over the past few days.

Lack of Universal binaries can be a bit limiting
For instance my preferred iPhoto export utility doesn't work under iPhoto6 on the iMac Duo. This is (I assume) an issue with PowerPC plugins and universal binaries. I am going to further guess that any compiled plugin for any application would have to be recompiled to get things running. I will look into this a bit further.
Also, some applications (NeoOffice, Firefox, Skype, NetNewsWire) that I regularly use have not made an appearance as Universal binaries yet.

Hey all out there in reader land. Does anyone have a preferred framework for doing Python development on the web?

Key pieces I am looking for:

  • Templating and standards compliance
  • DB abstraction layer or better yet an ORM layer that is DB agnostic
  • Fairly mature
  • Good documentation and user community
  • More advanced buzz features: RSS, AJAX support, fast
  • Easy to install on the *AMP platform

I am asking because I am looking and right now Django has lots of buzz and I like what I have seen.

Anyone have an opinion here?

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